sinister_cat (sinister_cat) wrote,

Covert Operations

So, what IS going on with SinisterCat?

For any of you left who've been paying attention, you'll notice SinisterCat has been gone over a month without notice. I am sorry about that, as it's pretty darned unprofessional. In all honesty, I really needed that time to figure out what to do with this little side project. It's apparently garnered quite a bit of love along the way, but the ideas are coming slower. It's been getting harder and harder to maintain what was originally supposed to be quick n' easy fun for me.

First, the bad news: I've decided to quit.

Now the good news: I'm not going to quit right this second.

I'm a little OCD when it comes to my cartoons (according to my VERY OCD sister, who would know best) and I hate leaving loose ends. Currently, this is posted cartoon #74 - what kind of place is that to end? Wouldn't a nice, round number be much better?

One hundred sounds pretty good to me.

I'll complete my online archive of one hundred cartoons - a pretty good run, I'd say. I expect the comic to end in the spring, roughly around the time of year when it started in the first place. Thanks to everyone still reading, hope you enjoy the ride.

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